Saturday, October 30, 2010


found this oldie the other day, dont know how i let this one fall thru the cracks but is here and i still love it. enjoy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Bison

sketch i did in basic design class bored out of my mind during my 1st semester of freshman year. i was inspired by the stance of a bison

Monday, October 18, 2010

theme development

ahh the wonders of photoshop. a quick selection of the cabin and i instantly changed the proportions...... theres a lot that could be taken from this... these could be different vehicles or the cabin could move to fit multiple functions

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A dream I had last night....

so i was researching GM design studios the other day and i found one in Port Melbourne, Australia. that night i had a dream that i was working as a car designer drawing rear wheel drive muscle cars and big V8 utes all day, not to mention being payed for it. being from detroit, im sick and tired of snow. i hope to god that one day i find myself driving down an australian highway in my camaro blasting highway to hell, honoring my favorite rockers from down under, on my way to work with the ocean breeze in my face. i consider this very dream the reason im at school to become a car designer  :)

early development stages of the guitar design.

this is the first photoshop of the guitar im designing. after a weekend of sketching and 30 pages later, ive built a quick alias model and slapped a gibson sg neck on it in photoshop. the inspiration comes from the shape of ww2 bombs dropped from b-17 flying fortresses. much more to come with this one, and an actual working model built of high quality wood (preferably mahogany). i will probably end up using gibson tuners and p-90 pickups on it. it should sound pretty nice, and be something a little different than normal guitars. im really excited to get this project going in my free time, its going to be the bomb ;)

my wall

I'm glad they painted the wall green, it matches my military theme and graphics! im not gonna lie, i thought it was kind of lame at first, but it works out great!!

a page of jeep sketches.

theres hundreds more where these came from.......... ill just have to sift thru all of them and make a collage for my blog so you can see my sketch direction

Project spectrum

so here's an overview of the direction I will be taking in my project. this basically explains the two ends of the design spectrum, from mild to wild. I plan on taking all of the wild inspiration and sketches from the right end of the spectrum and the more "today" looking jeep DNA and sketches from the left end and creating something that will end up in the middle- the best of both worlds, A jeep that shows both edgy and modern styling cues while at the same time showing the function based design attributes that jeeps have always had.

Sophomore Project: Design a Jeep for 2025

so here's my first product board for my sophomore project. pretty simple graphics, a customer profile, and some pix i found that inspire the form language i'm going for

Mustang side view

some renderings from my first year

 Front 3/4 renderings done in Photoshop CS4

Freshman work